Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eddy Detroit - Immortal Gods (1982)

Jesus Tiberius Krishna on a Model of the Titanic Made of Popsicle Sticks, I totally forgot I had a blog! Thanks, Danny, for exposing my extreme laziness to everybody who reads BCUW's links thing.

So. Music! It has sounds! And also misogyny very often and it is a pain to rate when you'd rather just eat cold burrito stuffing and read Andrea Dworkin and Shulamith Firestone and whinge about patriarchy. (I actually do this! Which is sad but still much better than porn and sports!) The only albums in rotation in my slightly weird, very lonely world, beside the requisite Big Blood and Sun City Girls choons, are Cardiacs' magnum opus A Little Man, A House and a Really Long Album Title and Eddy Detroit's Immortal Gods, which I have chosen to post here since everyone reading has ventured into the manic mind of Tim Smith on many occasions, I am sure, and this album has songs about Pazuzu, Beezlebub, a vampire, and talking to a cat! They are entitled "Pazuzu," "Beezlebub," "the Vampire," and "Talking to My Cat," respectively, because Eddy is a no-nonsense kinda' guy and lives all day in a magickal rock 'n' roll land of his own invention! It may or may not have penguins, but it DOES have Bishops. Yes, those Bishops! Now I know that "Eddy Detroit" sounds like the name of a simultaneously balding and bemulleted guitarist in a MC5 cover band (boooooooo) but he's actually not like that at all, seeing as he hangs around with real ladies and real violins and real Sun City Girls and also probably has a prized first-edition copy of Der Vermis Myysteriooos and maybe the Malleus Mallefuckarum because he's a cool dude in that way. And he writes songs!


P.S. I now have a real beard but have forgotten how to sleep or talk to people, so it's a good trade-off.

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